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The haunted housing market is in ruins. In this production, ghosts, poltergeists and other liminal beings are explicitly scrutinized in terms of their own hypothetically imperiled security in a networked economy. 

Speculating on the fate of ghosts in today’s atemporal network culture, the “Metaphortean Researcher” delivers swan songs and ultimatums on behalf of obsolescent forms of hauntings. This increasingly urgent rant proceeds amidst a rising din of telecommunications noise, confusion and technical difficulties. All the while, Irving Bleak tinkers with strange machines, juggles an abundance of visual feeds and offers ocassional cryptic anecdotes. Awkward outbursts from The Synesthete, a dialogue with the Polterzeitgeist Outreach Coordinator and eventually the whole performance terminates inconclusively in a rather contrived attempted to interace with the Polterzeitgeist directly.

Modular in form, POLTERZEITGEIST roams promiscuously between stand-alone video rants, augmented para-lecture and collaborative a/v performance with Weird-Fiction (see video/images)

Below: May 2010 performance at Grand Detour, featuring collaboration with Weird-Fiction. Documentation by Dustin Zemel

2014 #iottgbitn Tritriangle, Chicago, IL
2012 Drone Kitsch Half/Dozen gallery, Portland, OR
2011 Tommorrowland Forever &NOW, UCSD, San Diego, CA
2011 Speculative Genealogy... Observatory Room, Brooklyn, NY
2011 VASST Little Berlin, Philladelphia, PA
2011 Microscope Gallery Brooklyn, NY
2011 Mission Eye+Ear Live Cinema Series, ATA, San Francisco, CA
2010 Ghosts andreview magazine online edition, Portland, OR
2010 Social Sculpture Other Cinema, San Franciso, CA
2010 The Internet is Terrible Place to Live Deep Leap Cinema, Grand Detour, Portland, OR
2010 Polterzeitgeist DIVA Gallery, Eugene, OR